Norway is just a first taste of what will happen here on a larger scale

There is a growing movement in America that equates godliness with hatred of our government in fact hatred of our country as fallen and evil because we allow women choice, gays to marry, have a social safety net, and allow immigration from other cultures and non-white races.

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According to the Guardian newspaper, the killer wrote:

“Today’s Protestant church is a joke,” he wrote in an onl

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ine post in 2009. “Priests in jeans who march for Palestine and churches that look like minimalist shopping centres.

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I am a supporter of an indirect collective conversion of the Protestant church back to the Catholic.”

It seems Anders Behring Breivik longed for a “pure” and ultra conservative religion. He was a man of religious conviction, no liberals with their jeans need apply!

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Liberals beware.


As always Frank Schaeffer is perceptive.

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